About me

Nicole got her start in Interior Design at the very young age of 5.  Her very first client was working for the Little People arranging furniture for their very quaint and cozy home.   Her next project was designing spaces for the Glamour Gals, a group of late teens with an eye for style and an even hipper hang out pad.   Barbie and Ken (their last name has been omitted for privacy), hired Nicole to do a complete renovation of their 3-level town-home complete with new furnishings and bedding. 

 By High School, Nicole had figured out that her calling in life lay in the field of interior design based on her prior experience.  High School only offered two basic classes in the field so her own room became her laboratory.  Many thanks to her Mom who decided she could do what she wanted in there as long as it was clean and no clothes were on the floor. 
Nicole pursued her Bachelors Degree at Weber State University.  She graduated from Weber State University in 1996 with a Bachelors Degree in Integrated Studies with an emphasis in Interior Design.   Her first full-time job out of college was the dream of every young Interior Designer.  Working for a small design firm in Park City, Utah, Nicole got to design vacation homes from start to finish for those discerning skiers who know the best powder on Earth lies in the Wasatch Mountains.   Whooooosh!
Owning and operating her own design firm, Environments Interior Design, L.L.C. since 1996, each project that crosses her hands proves to be an extraordinary learning experience.  Whichever hat she wears for the day, be it interior architect, contractor, business advisor, designer, pillow fluffer, talk-therapist, arbitrator, handyman, etc.,  a job done well and a job done right is always the goal. 

Some 30 houses later, Nicole still loves the challenge of making a set of plans, an ordinary space, a small space, a single room, an office, a showroom whatever it may be, become something amazing. 

Her biggest challenge these days is finding time to create while navigating life with a husband, 3 busy kids, 2 cats, and piles of laundry.