Friday, April 6, 2012

Make it Your Own Challenge Video

Here's the you tube video for Northridge Publishing with the fabulous Kristine Mckay (My Craft Channel) interviewing me about my "Make it Your Own" challenge!

I don't think I'll ever get comfortable seeing myself on camera!

Make it your own Challenge

My friend Lori Allred, marketing director for my craft channel asked me if I would participate in the "Make it your own Challenge" put out there by Northridge Publishing
She would give me a scrapbook page out of the new issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine
and then I turn around and create something that was inspired by that page. It could be anything really...a card, craft whatever.

Since I am an interior designer by trade and not a crafter, my inclination was to say "NO WAY"! However, I have a hard time telling my close friends no,
so I said Y-E-S to the challenge.

The scrapbook page I was given was one that involved pennant banners.

Such a hot trend right now in everything I have seen crafty. What on earth could I do with a pennant banner that hasn't already been done?
In true "NICKI" fashion, I came up with a G-R-A-N-D-E idea and after 2 trial runs, scrapped it (no pun intended)! After several more craft *FAILS*, the day before it was due, I came up with the last revision and one that worked...
Are you ready to see what I came up with...

These pretties hang in the two windows that flank my front door and almost act like a valance for these windows. Both sides color coordinate and have cute vintage easter images so I can see them inside my house and visitors can see them through the windows. Pretty fun, right?

I'm working on putting a tutorial together for these so hang tight...more to come!