Monday, September 3, 2012

Faux Fur Trimmed Cardi

This has to be one of my picks for this fall...Trendy or not, I don't care!
I love this fur vest.
Would love to see this paired with a sequence top--A little sparkly under it!
But alas, I have no idea where to buy it! 
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Friday, August 17, 2012


This glowing trend wouldn't be SPOT ON without the following sources:

Remember this classic modern thonet chair?  The HOT PINK one...

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It would be so styling in a black and white room.  Just a pop of pink!
It's available to purchase right here.
( it's not available anymore :(  so sad)

Neon orange mixed with lots of white...super cool loft!
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The color just pops against a neutral.
Find it at HGTV.

I so want to play along with Jordan at on this DIY artwork.  It's polka could I resist?

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Find the instructions here.

AND my final spot was this stunning about flower power!
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Dear can purchase this for me here!

Thanks for joining me in the SPOTLIGHT!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SPOT on DESIGN: Episode 4

The latest episode of SPOT on Design is white hot with flashes of NEON!  It's back....
Come put your shades on for this glowing trend....

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Find it here on

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Here is my salute to these nautical navy sources for episode 3.

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La Velle Vie Girl develeoped this color scheme that included navy and I thought it was Spot ON for today's trend!  Check her out here!

The primary spot included this classic take on navy with navy and white stripes.  Love this hallway!

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Thank you Apartment Therapy!
Check out the article here.

Who wouldn't love getting this navy welcome on this front porch?  The second spotlight is from Better Homes and Gardens.

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Check out more information here.

And finally some botanical art from Family Circle.  This is so chic!

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Check out the detailed how to DIY here.

Thanks for joining me in the SPOTLIGHT!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SPOT on DESIGN: Episode 3

Get ready to sail away into the deep blue for this episode of SPOT on DESIGN!

We are saluting the nautical navy trend!

View this episode here on

Friday, August 3, 2012


CHEERIO!  Today's post is minding the gap on my sources from the British Invasion.  Just trying to give them the royal treatment!

The primary spotlight goes to Miss Mustard Seed!  You can find her awesome dresser project here.

The second spotlight belongs to Jonathan Adler.  His happy chic homes can be found here.

The amazing union jack wall that took my breath away belongs to designer Allison Dehnbloom.  You can read more about this awesome installation here.

The digiscrap kit that I couldn't resist is by WM squared.  You can purchase her kit right here.  It is seriously so cute.  I love the all the ephemera!

Thanks for joining me in the Spotlight!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

SPOT on DESIGN: Episode 2

Since it's full on OLYMPIC MANIA right now, this episode is right on target!

It's the British Invasion...

and I am loving this union jack trend so come take a peek and join me in the SPOTLIGHT!

View the episode here on MY CRAFT CHANNEL!

Friday, July 27, 2012


My life seems to be on fast forward these days. This would be why I call myself a "random" blogger! I just wanted to give a nod to the sources and information that I used in this episode...

The opening photo credit can be found on PANTONE.COM. For more information on what Pantone has to say about their color of the year, Tangerine Tango, go here.

SPOTLIGHT ONE came from an article on APARTMENTTHERAPY.COM Visit here to read the article.

SPOTLIGHT TWO was a website about books called APRETTYBOOK.COM. Visit here for some tangerine tango books.

SPOTLIGHT THREE is one of my favorite interior designers to follow. You can find him at JONATHANADLER.COM. Visit here if you want to purchase his juicy dinnerware. Visit here if you want to purchase the glasses to coordinate.

SPOTLIGHT FOUR: And finally this cute lamp project can be found at BHG.COM. Visit here for some more instructions.

Thanks for joining me in the SPOTLIGHT!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SPOT on DESIGN: Episode 1

Here we go...
Episode One: Are you ready to Dance with Some Fruit?

I am talking about the color of the year, "Tangerine Tango" on this first episode.

Come and join me in the SPOTLIGHT!

Watch this first episode here on MY CRAFT CHANNEL!

Monday, July 23, 2012


I have some exciting news...well scary actually. 
I have a new webshow coming out on My Craft Channel.

They needed someone to talk about design trends in the interior, fashion, and crafting world because really they are inter-related.  One leads to the other.

Being on a show is a little out of my comfort zone.  Nothing like putting your self on TV to find out what your nervous habits are.  But I need to take more risks since I'm a low risk kinda gal.  It makes life more interesting, right?

The show is called SPOT on DESIGN.

I had a really fun time researching the topics and putting together the stuff for the show.  It's kinda hard to cram in everything you want to talk about let alone remember what you wanted to say but I hope I'll get better as I go.  

Here's the link to the show preview.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Make it Your Own Challenge Video

Here's the you tube video for Northridge Publishing with the fabulous Kristine Mckay (My Craft Channel) interviewing me about my "Make it Your Own" challenge!

I don't think I'll ever get comfortable seeing myself on camera!

Make it your own Challenge

My friend Lori Allred, marketing director for my craft channel asked me if I would participate in the "Make it your own Challenge" put out there by Northridge Publishing
She would give me a scrapbook page out of the new issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine
and then I turn around and create something that was inspired by that page. It could be anything really...a card, craft whatever.

Since I am an interior designer by trade and not a crafter, my inclination was to say "NO WAY"! However, I have a hard time telling my close friends no,
so I said Y-E-S to the challenge.

The scrapbook page I was given was one that involved pennant banners.

Such a hot trend right now in everything I have seen crafty. What on earth could I do with a pennant banner that hasn't already been done?
In true "NICKI" fashion, I came up with a G-R-A-N-D-E idea and after 2 trial runs, scrapped it (no pun intended)! After several more craft *FAILS*, the day before it was due, I came up with the last revision and one that worked...
Are you ready to see what I came up with...

These pretties hang in the two windows that flank my front door and almost act like a valance for these windows. Both sides color coordinate and have cute vintage easter images so I can see them inside my house and visitors can see them through the windows. Pretty fun, right?

I'm working on putting a tutorial together for these so hang tight...more to come!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Davis County Ballroom/Endeavor Elementary Performace

So my kids ballroom dance...
They both take at Davis County Ballroom.
Here is some video one of the mom's took at an elementary school they performed at with their teams!

Claire's Team/Jr. High age kids

And one of Jake's Team/Elementary school age kids

I am so proud of them. I think it takes real guts to get up and dance in front of people and they do so awesome performing.